Monday, June 25, 2012

The Price is Right

Everything has a price associated with it.  It could be the actual specific sales price or something of barter value if you traded for it.  It could also have the value of the time that was used during the period that was required to obtain it.  All of these are material payment and most likely not of extreme importance.  The spiritual price one pays to hold onto an idea or “truth” is very different – it could be invaluable and might cost you your life.

Ideology has the power to make us royalty or paupers.  Hitler used the ideology of the supremacy of the Aryan race to change the world forever.  Apartheid was equally as powerful and damaging.  Today, most people agree that these philosophies are wrong at any price so they are no longer politically correct to hold.

But here is another philosophy that is even more costly in term of human lives that still goes unchecked today.  In fact, it is such a strongly held belief by a huge percentage of the world’s population that it is unhealthy for the planet, even the universe at large.

This philosophy states there is only one true religion and all other religions are dangerous.  In order to be saved for eternity, one must ascribe to this religion whole heartedly.  All other religions should be vanquished.  The problem that obviously comes in here is that the religion of “choice” is different around the world and across the street, sometimes even in the hearts of those that live under the same roof.  So many lives have been paid for over the millennia to hold fast to this belief that is impossible to count.  It is time to stop the madness.

This is not a new observation, much has been written by scholars and activists about this terrible curse of inaccurate vision but nothing has changed.  A cursory internet search on the similarities of religions produces more sites about the differences that the similarities.  However, there are some blogs and academic sites dedicated to spreading the understanding of the similarities.  Some commonalities are the central theme of ethics, use of sacred art or imagery, sacred texts, concepts of powerful influences outside ourselves and the belief the faith will change the lives of the adherents.  Other sites list the “Ten Commandants” in various forms adopted by the different religions.  All this is fine to point out but really it is made to be too complex.

The one simple similarity that is most important, that which can save the world from self destruction is “compassionate wisdom”.  Pure and simple, it is making the best decision you can make with the intention of holding in mind the highest good for all sentient beings.  Instead of the negative “Do no evil”, “Do only good with compassion in your heart for all.”  When this is adhered to in its purest form, all wars will stop, all abuse of every type will stop.  All pain inflicted by man on man and animal will stop.

This is not a new concept; it has been understood for decades;  so why has the population of the world failed to adopt it? One word, “EGO”!  The human psyche likes the feel of being the exclusively chosen group.  The select few of the earth that knows the “real truth” and only they will be saved.  What they do not understand is that no one will be “saved” or liberated from suffering until every last soul or person is also liberated from suffering.  Since we are all physically connected by microscopically minute particle webs that are invisible to the naked eye, if you hurt I hurt.  This connection has been scientifically proven by distinguished astral physicists.

We must accept this concept that even those we considered to be our mortal enemy are really just an extension of ourselves.  That which we hate about them is no more than a mirror of our own flaws.  When we accept this fact and correct those flaws in ourselves, then we can accept the flaws in others.
In order to be able to recognize the mirrored flaws we must practice compassionate wisdom.  Compassion is needed to hold dear our immortal connection with all sentient beings.  Wisdom is needed to be able to determine what action is in the best interest of all.

When compassionate wisdom is practiced in earnest, the price paid for a peaceful co-existence and global happiness is just right – the price is the elimination of suffering.  Are you willing to pay the price?

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