Saturday, November 10, 2012

Which Religion Gets it Right?

Ever since man began to walk upright and have a language that could be used to form independent creative thoughts, religion has existed.  The belief systems were as varied as the number of cultural groups.  Today around the globe there are hundreds of religions that believe they have the true understanding of faith.

Which one is correct?  The truth is that all are correct – in their own way for their own people.  Does it matte

It is the core of the beliefs that is critical for humanity to survive together.  That central core IS the same- love a higher power or connecting energy and love and respect your fellow man.  The rest of the rules are just trappings to control the behaviors and thoughts of the followers.

Do not fear to be free.  Free to believe only that which makes sense to you in your heart-of-hearts.  But beware of the blinders of greed, ego and fear are that blind us to the truth and color our interpretation of truth which impacts our decisions

The ego made belief that one religion is more perfect or that specific adherents are the “chosen ones” is dangerous.  The belief that people must follow a prescribed activity in order to be happy for eternity, after the physical body has died, is dangerous.  One needs only to turn on the radio and listen to the news to know this is true.  This erroneous belief in exclusivity has caused more suffering and death since the dawn of man than any other belief.
It is time to stop the lie and change the dialogue.  Remove the obstacles from your eyes of prejudice and see the truth.  Every human is made exactly the same.  We are all born with the same number of organs.  We walk upright not slithering on our bellies.  We all have brains to think and hearts to modify the thoughts of the brain.  Outward appearances are just ways of distinguishing family groupings, no different than the unique strip patterns of zebras so that the young can find its mother in the herd to suckle.

The “enemy” is not one who looks or believes differently.  The “enemy” is the lie that tells us we are different.  Remove the lie and the world lives in peace and harmony.  It is that simple.

We are one not many.
We are the same not distinct.
We are forever joined from the past, in the present and will be in the future, as one.
Killing another human being is the same as cutting off a part of yourself.  The repercussions are felt as a ripple throughout the human herd.

So what can one individual person do?  Change your view of separateness into one of sameness.  Your behavior and thought patterns will naturally change too.  If you change your view, others around you will be influenced to change their view.  Eventually like dominos, we will all lie touching each other in the connected chain that we are.

Be brave.  Change your view.  Start the dominos to fall in your circle of influence.  Your circle will impact many other circles which will impact even more.  Peace is possible if we change our view now. 
We are one not many.

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