Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Day – What We Should Really Be Thankful For

Most countries have a day set aside for some semblance of Thanksgiving. Obviously, here in the US, it is the third Thursday of November.  Unfortunately, the tradition of Thanksgiving has devolved into gorging on food, watching parades and football on TV, and preparing to spend lots of money on Black Friday. This year a great number of stores are opening from 10 to 12 PM on Thanksgiving so shoppers don’t have to wait to part with their money.

Yes, it is traditional for families to come together to partake of the feast, how many of them are even thinking about giving thanks for anything?  What we really should be giving thanks for on this special day and every day is the opportunity to start anew each day. Be thankful for waking up and experiencing being alive one more day, for each day we have the gift of life.

We can choose how that day will be.  We may not be able to control the events of the day but we can control our response to those events.  We can choose to roll with it and call it “all good”” or we can fight it and call it “stupid, bad, unfair, unjust or against me.”  The exact same events can be given any of these labels depending on how you choose to see it.

So if you want to be genuinely happy then make a conscious effort to do so.  With conscious effort what might be considered a “bad day” can easily be transformed into a “good day.”

Be thankful for the opportunity to right any of your past wrongs.  Be thankful for others in your life even if the only person you talk to is the mailman. Be thankful for all you have and all you have not, today and every day. Happy Thanksgiving!

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