Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cycle of Lives

We think life begins at birth at conception but really it can begin centuries or millennia before.  Christians and Buddhists both have it wrong but when you combine their theories then you have it right.

Christians believe that everyone has a soul.  Upon the death of the physical body, that soul upon judgment by God goes either north to heaven, south to hell or into purgatory to get cleaned up before going to heaven.  They believe there is only one physical life.  At least they got the soul part right.  The rest is wrong.

Buddhist believe there is no soul; only something called karma, an account of credits and debits of your actions from the physical life just ended and the balance of all previous lives brought forward to the next life.  Of course there are multiple lives occurring one right after the other with a predetermined period of assessment and reflection between them.
Buddhist have the multiple lives correct but the lack of soul wrong.  Also there is no preset time period before the soul cycles back into body.

So what really happens?  We have a soul that is our energy body, once assigned to us it is the essence of who we are permanently.  The soul does live by karmic accumulation and release.  There is a fully voluntary process that while in body, the mind has the free will to make decisions based on cause and effect that either removes or acquires karmic credits or debits.

There is no preset reincarnation period.  The intervening period depends on several things.
  1.  Need for rest.  If the life just ended was particularly difficult, the soul might want to take some time out to fully reflect on every decision made and its result.  This is necessary in order to learn so the next life will be easier.
  2. The exact right parents must be found that will provide the physical traits necessary to provide the challenges and lessons we need to move us on our path.
  3. The couple is not just any ordinary or random pair of souls but there must be a karmic tie from a previous life so that the 3 souls can settle accounts with each other.  When one of the parents is simply a genetic donor for whatever reason and does not become involved in the actual life of the newly birthed body, then this is a result of the strong karmic bond with just one parent but there is a need for the physical traits from the other parent.
  4. All of your guides must also be available at the right time.  Guides are souls that have selected to not reincarnate for the period of your physical life so that they can stay in energetic form to be with you at all times.  The term “angel” is not exactly the same or interchangeable but it might be.  An “angel” is a soul that is further on the path towards enlightenment, a “spiritual bodhisattva” if you will.  Some guides are this advanced but not all.  Most of your guides are just other souls that you have interacted with at some point in your centuries/millennia soul lives.  They are carefully selected to provide you with the type of guidance you will need for the challenges that lie ahead.
  5. All souls will have guides that match the place where they are on their path, plus one step ahead.

Typically, the guides we are born with in a particular life are the ones we end with but not always.  If a soul makes great progress during a lifetime, beyond the experience level of the initial guides then new guides will replace the initial ones as needed in order to provide the one-step ahead advice.

  •  The events on earth also need to be at an appropriate place for your rebirth, the country/region selection typically can change with each lifetime.
  •  The other souls in body that you need to interact with also must be available.  These are souls with whom you have karmic debit or credit that must be worked out.
So you see, many things must fall into place during a transmigratory period.  There is no guarantee that will happen within 49 earth days.

Is there a final stopping place of heaven or hell?
Not in the Christian, Muslim (Islamic) or Judaic sense of the words.  Once all karmic debit/credit has been cleared AND IF the soul chooses to stay in energetic form to provide “angelic” level guidance, then the reincarnation cycles stop.

Only those balanced souls are the “buddha” or “angel” energy.  They provide higher level and more accurate, loving, compassionate and universal energy and guidance than your typical guides.

Those souls that reach this level do have a choice to return to physical form, if they desire to lead larger numbers of souls that are in body during one period, then they return to physical form. For example: Jesus and Gandhi are often used as examples of fully enlightened souls that decided they could do more good in physical form than purely energetic form.

The phrase “Life is precious” is very true.  Many things must fall into place in order for the perfect life presentation to occur for a specific soul.

When the physical body dies a brutal death, the cycle is shortened so that the soul can quickly rejoin the perpetrators and have a karmic influence in the same lifetime.  This is why there are “baby booms” after periods of wide scale war.

Cherish your current life, it was carefully crafted to provide you with exactly the experiences you need.  You only need to step out of your comfort zone and pick up the mantel you left for yourself and use it to grow and develop.

Source: Chien Sung, ancient esoteric master 

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