Friday, May 11, 2012

What is the Center of All Life

Life begins with thought, a breath, a signal of life.  The breath is a whisper from the universe that all are connected and good.  There is no matter too small or large that does not hold the life of compassionate energy.  All are thinking in their own way.  A rock does not worry about what it will wear to dinner that night but instead its consciousness is focused on just being.  A tree is focused on just being.  Humans clutter their most precious and gifted minds with useless thought.  They create for themselves pain, from desire/ lacking that is artificial and of no use to the universe. 

If  humans could follow the example of the rocks and earth and just BE, their ability to fully experience their role in the web of life would be limitless.  It is only through BEING that DOING can have a fundamental base to loving serve all sentient beings in this universe.

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